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Top 5 Ecological Parks Around Monterrey

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The top 5 parks around and outside the city. They are spectacular and while you visit them you will fall in love with nature and the city as well, you will create experiences like no other and memories that will last forever.

Ecological Park Chipinque:

In the Sierra Madre Oriental, is this natural area of ​​1,791 hectares, covering altitudes from 730 to 2,200 meters above sea level, with representative flora and fauna from the xerophilous scrub to the Pine-oak forest. Chipinque is one of the most important natural passages in the region for its proximity to the city of Monterrey and for the attractions and services it offers.

The Chipinque Ecological Park is a Protected Natural Area, private in nature under the tutelage of a Board of Trustees, whose mission is the conservation of biodiversity through integrated management that ensures the conservation of its natural resources, while promoting a culture of respect and appreciation for the physical and natural aspects of the Park, providing physical security to its visitors and guaranteeing future generations this invaluable heritage.

In Chipinque there are many different ways to explore the mountain park, from trekking to cycling in the mountains above the city. If you like mountain biking or road cycling, the Chipinque Park has more than 60 km of gaps, sidewalks and roads with degrees of difficulty, low, medium and high. If you like Trekking and/or learning about wildlife, chipinque has more than 60 km of gaps and natural trails, for leisure and relaxation tours, as well as medium and high impact for athletes. The Park is natural habitat for native species of birds and butterflies, which you can observe throughout your journey through the forest.

The Caverns of Garcia:

Towards the west in the town of García, where the city of Monterrey ends, the landscape becomes arid and rocky. Their lies the "Grutas de García", discovered in 1843 and with an estimated age of 60 million years. This cavern is full of stalactites that have grown through the years of the planet, they make for great group photos and for memorable experiences.

There are 3 main experiences you will live and enjoy if you visit caverns of Garcia: The cable way, the theatre and the sceneries

The cableway: this cable car runs a distance of 625 meters in approximately 3 minutes, ascending about 280 meters to where the caves are located.

The theatre: The formation of all the stalactites in contrast with color lighting, this is will leave you in amaze and wonder of the nature of the world.

The sceneries: There are more than 15 sceneries where you will experience the different wonders of the cave in balconies that will let you see with clarity and amazement.

"Cola de Caballo" Waterfall:

The "cola de caballo" or the horsetail it's the name that receives a waterfall of approx. 25 meters the park has grills, rest areas, parking, horse and cart rentals. This waterfall is located in the outskirts of monterrey in the town of Santiago beside the magical town know for its colonial architecture and picture perfect houses. In the waterfall you will have many activities to do like bungee jumping, bbqing and ziplining. Their is beautiful landscape and many different types of wildlife that you can encounter during the trek to this gorgeous waterfall.

Near the waterfall you can jump from 70 meters in a bungee. This bungee jumping is considered one of the highest in the country of Mexico and it is worth it for the lovers of adventure and adrenaline junkies. Their is also a zipline that measures 600 meters and it travels you through the landscape and trees of the beautiful mountain. Or relax beside the waterfall hearing the water fall to the ground below and look at the beautiful scenery.

"Cerro De La Silla"

Cerro de la Silla is a mountain that is part of the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental. This is covering territorial parts of the municipalities of Guadalupe (31.62%), Monterrey (13.23%) and Juárez (55.15%), in the state of Nuevo León, and constitutes an icon of the city of Monterrey and a symbol for the people of Monterrey.

It has 4 peaks called:

Antena peak, the most frequented route and at the summit is the antenna of Televisa Monterrey;

North peak, the highest altitude with 1,821 m;

South Peak, which is located next to the North Peak and is the most risky route.

Loma de La Virgen, the lowest elevation located next to the South Peak.

The surface of Cerro de la Silla is approximately 6,039 hectares and constitutes ecosystems that contain vegetation types such as Oak Forest and Submontane Scrub, as well as Gallery Forest and Oak Chaparral. Among the representative elements of fauna are black bears,wild cat Linx rufus texensis, white-tailed deer and Pumas.

This trek is full of nature and is an experience that you will never forget, at the top of this mountain you can see the whole city of Monterrey with views that you will not find anywhere else. This experience is a most if you live or visit the beautiful city of Monterrey

"La Huasteca" Park

La Huasteca park is an ecological park located in the municipality of Santa Catarina in the state of Nuevo León. It is located next to the bed of the Santa Catarina River, between the Cerro de Chipinque and the Cerro de Santa Catarina, which are part of the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park. Within the park you can see the presence of flora and fauna originating from the northeast region of Mexico, particularly from the dry-semi-desert region, and you can find cacti such as lechuguilla which is a kind of agave, in addition to certain types of palm trees such as yuccas , medium shrubs and some types of trees such as the Huizache. The fauna of the place is mainly composed of small animals from semi-desert areas or from the forest since this area is very close to the mixed and coniferous forest areas of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

There are 4 main activities when you go visit and to at this park, they are:

La Cueva de la Virgen which is a cave inside the park where you can hike;

Cycling at the huasteca, you can road biking or mountain biking while breathing the fresh air that nature provides;

Eagles Nest is another cave that is the most extreme of the two where you can rappel and explore;

Guitarritas, this is an ancient place where the huicholes would do their ceremonies and you can zipline.

This 5 ecological places are the top natural attractions that you can find near the wonderful city of Monterrey.

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